Unique Personnel (UK) Ltd.
We are dedicated to Providing the Best In-Home Health Care. We now have over 300 care delivery staff, and have become a renowned Domiciliary and Residential Care Provider and Recruitment Agency recognised for providing high quality healthcare.

Providing You with Health Care at Home.

We can arrange a professional live-in carer to be with you at your home 24 hours a day, every day. Perhaps your needs are more severe and you need a 24/7 care and assistance. No worries, give us a call on 0788 659 0967.


Your home is your castle. There is no better place to be cared for than the comfortable surroundings of your own home. Our comprehensive range of Home Care services ensures that you are well looked after in your own home according to your requirements. Our flexible care plan will be tailored according to your requirements. Perhaps you just need a well-trained carer to pop in to assist you with normal household chores such as making you your meals, coffee, assisting you with your bath, or tucking you nicely into bed. We can provide you with a fully-qualified carer to assist you.


This care allow us to replace your invaluable family member for a short period of time providing you with the same level of care and love that you expect from your family member, except this time with a professional touch..


This services allows you to have someone to share some of your moments with you when you need it most. A friend, someone to share your favourite TV program with you, or take you for a walk, or help you with a cup of coffee or just have a chat with. Someone professionally trained to share your day with. Someone who can genuinely understand your needs. We provide you with a true companion. Please call our helpline to discuss your personal requirements

We also provide training and consultations

Unique Personnel (UK) Limited was incorporated in May 2001 as a company limited by share capital. We operate in the Care sector, recruiting, training and placing personnel to provide specialist professional support to meet a range of individual customer needs.

We work closely with many local authorities to deliver our services to these wide range of clients. To ensure our services are delivered professionally we employ and train personnel to give them the necessary skills to work in the industry, and on-going continuing professional development to ensure their skills are maintained and enhanced.

We offer training on the QCF qualifications in Health & Social Care Diploma, Apprenticeship trainings on all courses and other yearly mandatory courses.

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Our Mission

Unique Personnel mission is to deliver high quality individually tailored professional services to all Our Clients, Loocal Authorities and healthcare organisations with a focus on continuous improvement and excellence.

Our Philosophy and Values

Unique Personnel aims to:

  • Provide high quality support to Our CLients, inlcuding those with learning difficulties, physical difficulties, mental health needs, older people, children and family members
  • Listen to, act on, and empower service users by meeting their needs and the wishes of their relatives/advocates taking account of chosen lifestyles.
  • Recruit quality care staff and ensure they understand and are able to respond to customers' needs
  • Achieve a reputation for excellence in all aspects of our offer to service users and those who purchase provision on their behalf.
  • Promote independence and the involvement of all who use our services
  • Provide services that value differences in need and offer equality of opportunity
  • Comply with Health and Safety regulations through implementing robust policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that a diverse staff team are adequately skilled and supported to provide teh highest quality provision to services commissioners and individuals
  • Maintain recruitment and selection procedures that meet the highest possible standards and are in line with UK regulations and best practice.
  • Ensure that we are an efficient, effective and accountable organisation
  • Deliver accessible relevant staff training and development programmes to all staff, and demonstrate our commitment to Investors in People